Amaroo Preschool
Burdekin Avenue
Amaroo ACT 2914
Ph:6142 1279

Who is eligible for Preschool in 2023?

Children who turn 4 on or before the 30 April 2023, have access to 15 hours of Preschool per week. Please refer to enrolment policy at

Amaroo Preschool has 3 separate classrooms, running 5 sessions, with a maximum enrolment of 110 children. The 110 children are placed in 1 of 5 groups with a maximum in each group of 22.

We are very proud of the way we have maintained an environment that is warm, welcoming, friendly and fun while always striving for excellence in an area of rapid growth. Families look forward to returning to Amaroo Preschool.

Amaroo Preschool is an anaphylaxis aware school. This is to provide protection for children who have severe allergic reactions to nuts and nut products. Parents are asked to provide nut free food for their child's morning snack and lunch (9am-3pm sessions). This includes nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.

Voluntary Contributions

Preschools in the ACT are provided by the ACT Government. As of 2007 Amaroo Preschool is administratively linked to Amaroo School. Parents with enrolled children automatically become members of the P&C.

The voluntary contribution for 2022 is $170 for the year. Any additional resource funding will be set at the first P&C general meeting.

Parent Involvement

We greatly value your involvement. There are many ways that you can support your child's Preschool education.

  • Offering to help in the class on a roster basis with small group activities, craft, reading to the children, cooking.
  • Excursions – for all excursions we are required to have 1 adult per 4 children. This means for each excursion we need at least 5 parents to accompany us.
  • Sharing special skills and interests, playing an instrument, pottery, carpentry.
  • Parent Committee. Keep up to date with what is happening at preschool and be a part of the decision making on how your contributions and fundraising are spent.
  • Parents who volunteer on a regular basis will be required to have a Working with Vulnerable People Card.

Starting Preschool compulsory forms

The following table outlines the forms and your requirement to complete them for your child/children’s enrolment to be confirmed and help us prepare for your child/children’s start to preschool. These forms can be downloaded from the website and completed electronically or printed, completed, and returned as scanned documents. Please send completed form to the school email


Purpose of form


Excursion and medical form

This form provides Amaroo School with permission to attend local area and within Canberra excursions. We require your permission and any medical information about your child to allow them to attend.

This form must be returned to the school completed.

Medical risk minimisation and communication plan A Risk Minimisation Plan is required at preschool if your child has a medical condition listed on their enrolment form. Medical conditions might include a diagnosed condition such as asthma, diabetes or anaphylaxis which also require a medical treatment plan to be provided by a medical practitioner, OR it may be a medical condition such as a pollen allergy or eczema.This form needs to be completed if your child has a medical condition.
Authorised Nominee contact formAs par of your enrolment, you provided information on emergency contacts and persons authorised to collect your child from school and/or provide consent to medical treatment.
If these details have changed or you require additional people to be added, please contact the school via email who will provide a new form to be completed.
This form needs to be completed if you wish for another person to pick up/drop off your child to preschool.
Seesaw app permissionAmaroo School uses a third-party software called Seesaw to communicate with home about learning experiences. We require signed permission to set up an individual and class account for your child/children.This form must be returned to the school completed.
Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) volunteersTo work and/or volunteer in an ACT government site, you a required to have a background check to determine your suitability to be registered under the WWVP scheme to reduce the risk of harm or neglect to vulnerable people in the ACT.This form needs to be completed if you intend to work or volunteer at Amaroo School.