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Amaroo ACT 2914
Ph: 6142 1266
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Absence Notes

Please submit the form before 9am on the first day of your child's absence. This will then be forwarded to their class teacher.
Once this form has been submitted there is no need to report it to the school via phone or send a note.

Click here to submit school absence notes

School Staff

Principal - Gai Beecher
Deputy Principal (P-2) - Emma Bartlett
Deputy Principal (3-6) - Rebecca Turner
Deputy Principal (7-10) - Sam Beattie
Deputy Principal (7-10) - Ben Hall
Business Manager - Sue Aveyard
Early Childhood (Preschool, Year 2) - Arilia King
Early Childhood (Kindy, Year 1) - Bianca Bailetti
Primary (Year 3/PE/Release) - Nicole Graham
Primary (Year 4) - Danielle Parker
Primary (Year 5 & Human Resource Manager - Felicity McNeice
Primary (Year 6) - Jodene Fillery
Secondary School Languages - Kiraly Middleton
Secondary School/Humanities - Joanne Schwartz
Secondary School English - Elise Quodling
Secondary School Maths - Steve Hardy
Secondary School Science - Jeanette Watts
Secondary School PE - Cristel Mortimer
Secondary School IT/Technology - Ian Thomson
Secondary School Arts - Michelle Watson
Inclusion Support P-10 - Claire Percival
Student Engagement - Aaron Kingma
School Psychologist K-6: Fiona McKinnon & Kylie Whitten
School Psychologist 7-10: Cindy Weinman
Facilities Manager: Dan Milosevic
Building services Officer: Allen Greenwood
Defence School Transition Aide: Vanessa Lovell
Defence School Transition Mentor: Liz Grellman
Youth Worker: Steve Babic

After School Care Office: 1300 212 273
After School Care at Amaroo School: 6241 9665