Covid Correspondence

Please find below correspondence emailed to Amaroo School families during this lockdown period

A Message from Gai Beecher to the Amaroo School community 16-SEPT-21

Parent email - Term 4 - Primary School 14-SEPT-21

Parent email - Term 4 - High School 14-SEPT-21

Remote Learning up-date 31-AUG-21

Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions 21-AUG-21

Remote learning Facebook Live event with Education Minister Yvette Berry 18-AUG-21

Remote Learning - Primary School 18-AUG-21

Remote Learning - High School 18-AUG-21

A Message from the Executive Principal 13-AUG-21

Preschool parent correspondence 13-AUG-21

K-6 parent correspondence  13-AUG-21

Device Availability P-6  13-AUG-21

Covid-19 and ACT public schools: Snap lockdown - High School 12-AUG-21

Covid-19 and ACT public schools: Snap lockdown - Primary School  12-AUG-21